Ruston Hutton Fiction Editors
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‘I love working with Emily and Jenny.  Their creative editorial insight and advice is always spot on and they really are passionate about making every book better.’  

- Emma Beswetherick, Editorial Director, Piatkus Fiction

‘Creative, experienced and dedicated, Jenny and Emily are fantastic editors. They bring out the best in any book, and any author - work with them and be inspired!’  

- Sally Williamson, Editor, MIRA Books

‘Emily and Jenny’s advice is always smart and perceptive and I trust them to help me make every book better.’  

- Sarah Morgan, RITA award winning and USA Today bestselling author

‘I’ve worked in commercial women’s fiction for over twelve years and talked to lots of authors about editorial relationships and what brings out the best in their books. So my perfect editor is...

Creative:  Someone you can spark off and spar with. Someone who sees potential not limitations.

Inspiring: I want editors who not only push authors to be better but inspire them to do it themselves.

Honest: I’m a girl who wants to know if my bum looks big in a dress because if it does I’ll put on a different dress! One that suits me - that makes me bring out the best in myself.  I want an editor who would tell me.

Commercial: I want editors who can make bestsellers!

After working with Jenny and Emily for many years I’ve come to the conclusion that they are pretty close to perfect. Just don’t ask them if your bum looks big – they’ll tell you.’  

- Kimberley Young, Publisher, HarperFiction

'Jenny is a first-class editor: insightful, thoughtful and incredibly efficient. Working with Jenny is always a pleasure.'  

- Catherine Burke, Publisher, Sphere Fiction

'Talented, insightful, patient and wise -  Jenny and Emily offer an impressive depth and range of editorial skills, from project development through structural and stylistic editing, combining wide market knowledge of women's fiction with commercial nous. This really is a dream team to have on your side.'

- Karin Stoecker, Former Editorial Director, Harlequin UK

‘Writing a book is a team effort between author and editor. Emily has the best editors' ability to pinpoint weaknesses in my stories and get me to fix them while simultaneously encouraging me and making me believe that it was all my idea.  Astute and approachable, Emily was always available to bounce ideas around with, and more importantly, to listen while I talked myself out of the worst ones, and I'll always be grateful to her for her support when I went through a major wobble in my personal life.’  

- Jessica Hart, RITA & RNA award winning author

‘Jenny Hutton has a gift for helping a story reach its full potential. Every book I've done with her has been better for her insight and guidance. Jenny helped me focus on the narrative, improve structure and pacing, and make my characters more believable. She's brilliant at helping an author fully realize their vision and take a good story to the next level. I highly recommend her!’  

- Maisey Yates, USA Today bestselling author

‘I'm absolutely delighted to see that Emily and Jenny have launched their own freelance editing site! Emily edited several of my Harlequin Presents--everyone was a bestseller, and I think part of the success of those books goes to her! Emily is the kind of editor authors dream of: she "hears" your writer's voice and respects it, and she helps you see how to strengthen your story without interjecting her own voice in your narrative and dialogue. She's also fun to work with: she has a delightful sense of humor and believe me, when you're working hard, that can be a godsend!’

- Sandra Marton, USA Today bestselling author

‘It is such a relief when an Editor 'just gets it' - and Emily is brilliant at this.  She has a real talent for quickly recognising both the strengths in an author's work and exactly what needs fixing.  Not only that, but her enthusiasm and sense of humour make her a lot of fun to work with. Both incredibly creative and commercially savvy Jenny has a fantastic ability for taking author's manuscripts to the next level.  I really enjoy working with her and find Jenny’s level of insight and experience extremely valuable. Emily and Jen are simply awesome.’

- Oliver Rhodes, Founder and Publisher at Bookouture


‘Jenny and Emily are creative, inspiring and utterly professional editors, with an unerring instinct for a good story and an intimate knowledge of the fiction market. For over a decade they've been bringing out the best in new and experienced authors alike, finding the rough gems in the “slushpile” and working with their authors to develop them into tight, polished, exciting books. Committed to supporting writers in developing their own distinctive voice, Jenny and Emily have a deep understanding of the craft, and are prepared to give authors the guidance they need to really reach their readers, and to thrive in their careers.’  

- Kate Ahl, Publishing Consultant

'I have worked with Jenny as my editor through the intricate production processes of two of my historical novels. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can not recommend her expertise highly enough.  I found Jenny to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and highly professional in her advice.  Most importantly, and of vital importance to any author, Jenny was sensitive to what I wished to convey in my writing and was always empathetic to my characters. We collaborated as an excellent team.'

- Anne O'Brien, author of The King's Concubine

‘Jenny is a highly skilled editor and can literally turn a manuscript into a gem.  She has a wealth of experience in bestselling fiction, including her work with my bestselling author Victoria Fox. We both rate her enormously.’

- Madeleine Milburn, Agent and Founder of The Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency