Ruston Hutton Fiction Editors
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Ruston Hutton is a boutique editing service. Our passion lies in getting the very best out of your talent.

We believe it’s important that all authors have access to expert editorial critique so they can publish or submit the best work they are capable of writing. Every step of the way we’re here to ensure that your readers, your agent, your editor, and you, are satisfied with a ‘good story well told’.

With more and more avenues to publication and with an industry changing almost daily the one thing that remains constant is the strength of great storytelling. Whether you’re self-publishing, submitting your work to an agent or testing out your established skills in a new genre, Ruston Hutton can take your manuscript to the next level.

With over twenty years experience in the publishing industry, working with debut authors and award-winning bestsellers, we know what works and just what it will take to make your story shine.

‘Ruston Hutton are imaginative, inspiring and will be in demand!’  

- Kimberley Young, Publisher, HarperFiction